13th World Congress for Laser Dentistry

26-28, April 2012

Barcelona, Spain

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TITLE: Dioxide carbon laser assisted-treatment of oral leukoplakia - Report of ten cases.

AUTHORS: Monteiro LS, Barberi C, Martins MA, Meleti M, Vescovi P.                  

Universitą degli studi di Parma, Italy; Oral medicine and oral surgery department, Instituto Superior de Ciźncias da Saśde Norte, Portugal

SOURCE:  Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2012 May 1;17(Supplement1):S163.


* doi:10.4317/medoral.17643663






Introdution: Leukoplakia is defined as a white plaque of a questionable risk having excluded known diseases or disorders that carry no increased risk for cancer. Laser therapy has been a favoured treatment regime for oral leukoplakia since the mid 1980“s. Aim: To analyze the effectiveness of the CO2 Laser (10600nm) vaporization in treatment of a series of ten cases of oral leukoplakia. Description evolution: Of the ten cases, six were men and 4 women. Mean age of the patients was 55.4 years-old (range 35-76). Lesions range in size 1cm to 7cm and were located in gingival mucosa in 4 cases, buccal mucosa in 3 and tongue in 3. There were 6 homogeneous and 4 non-homogeneous type leukoplakias. Every lesion was previously biopsied and the leukoplakia diagnosis was confirmed in all. For each vaporization procedure we use carbon dioxide laser (DEKA™ Smart US 20D) with angulated mirror hand piece, defocalized and continues mode, 5W power, 2 mm spot, PD of 159.2W/cm2 and fluence of 159.2 J/cm2. There were no complications during surgery. Complete healing was achieved in a period of 3 weeks (mean 20.3 days ±2.2). The patients were followed at least 12 months (mean follow-up period of 25 months) and any signs of recurrence were noted. Primary complete elimination of the lesions was achieved for all cases. There were two recurrences (20%) in a period of 3 and 6 months. Discussion: Our experience confirms that CO2 laser is a safe and efficient method to eliminate oral leukoplakia.